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We provide exceptional medical care for children in Union, NJ and surrounding areas. With us, you will find comprehensive services related to children’s health care from birth through adolescence. We assure you that our services will exceed all of your expectations.

Whether it’s your child’s vaccinations or other health issues, Union Pediatric Associates has your needs covered. We provide sports team physicals and school health checkups to make sure your child is up-to-date. We also provide reports on your child’s cognitive development and physical development so you can make educated decisions about your child’s health.

About Us

Our leading pediatric office offers personalized child health care under the guidance of Dr. Geddy Krul. At Union Pediatric Associates, Dr. Geddy Krul is known for his kindness and experience with his patients. Please call our pediatric office if you have any questions or to request an appointment.

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Union Pediatric Associates


  • Personalized Pediatric Care Using Latest Technology
  • Physical and Cognitive Development
  • Recommended or Compulsory Vaccination Schedule
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Union Pediatric Associates