Child Milestones

Milestones For Your Child’s First Year

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0-4 months – Newborn focuses best on objects 8” to 12” from his face. Baby tracks movement.

  • Show him pictures of basic shapes and patterns. Pick bold, sharply contrasting colors or black and white geometric designs.
  • Move a rattle in front of his eyes. See if he watches the movement.
  • Shake a rattle above his head. See if he looks up and reaches.
  • Show him toys that move. Roll a soft ball across the floor where he can see it.
  • Use feeding times to interact with your infant.
Union Pediatric Associates

5-8 months – Baby understands words like “mommy, bottle”. Baby watches and copies you.

  • Read to her. She may have favorite books she wants to hear over and over again.
  • Clap your hands together while singing. Chant her favorite nursery rhymes.
  • Keep talking to her throughout the day.
  • Hold her on your lap and make interesting noises. See if she copies you.
  • Give her stacking/nesting toys like blocks or cups.
  • Put toys in a net bag, then take them out. Let your baby try.
Union Pediatric Associates

9-12 months – Baby studies objects – their shapes, colors, etc.

  • Give him board books with lots of pictures so that he can look at them whenever he wants.
  • Let him hold round and square objects like balls and blocks. Name the shape.
  • Take him outside. Let him feel different textures – leaves, grass, tree trunks.


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